About Me

About Me

Since a back surgery in 2001, Price-Andy, 49, I have been suffering from chronic pain “I have consulted 37 doctorsTo finish always on the same statement of failure …

I was sick of it. With CBT, something happened. I met people who have the same problem as me. I realized that I was not a rare bird! So, I do not feel guilty anymore. I dare to express my feelings. When I’m with people and I feel bad, I say, “Stop friends. I cannot sit anymore. I have to go back and lie down. ” I call this the management of pain. I no longer force myself and thus avoid the backlash of crises. An this has improved my life significantly. “

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is less about removing pain than diminishing its negative impact on daily activities. This approach encompasses the psychological and relational dimensions of the problem.

“In a group session, the patient seeks out and tries strategies to continue his activities without suffering too much.

Trigger Point Injection is also is one of the possible approaches to treat persistent chronic pain. It features a range of minimally invasive techniques to relieve them. They consist of injecting anti-inflammatory drugs or anesthetics at specific places and can be used for example for neck pain, lumbago or sciatica. In any case, it is a question of treating the symptoms to pass a course and exit a negative spiral.

Electric stimulation using tens, transcutaneous electrical stimulator, is a small portable device that sends low intensity pulses to the painful area using electrodes that are applied to the skin.

The principle is simple: the brain receives first tingling sensations that mask the message of pain. This method is effective, often in addition to other treatments, mainly for neurogenic pain.

Many other herbs used in herbal medicine are beneficial for relieving back pain. The white willow bark, nicknamed “plant aspirin”, is indicated in the management of osteoarthritis of the back. Its therapeutic benefits are recognized by the European Medicines Agency.

Valerian also acts effectively against back pain because it has muscle relaxant properties (it relaxes muscles), analgesics (it soothes pain) and anti-inflammatory.

Both plants are administered orally, in the form of capsules or liquid extract.

Practicing  sophrology also helped, this is a method of self-knowledge that allows everyone to develop their resources in a natural way. In sophrology, the patient learns to listen to his pain, to locate and describe it. By keeping an active listening of his pain, he realizes that his pain is evolving, with moments of “peaks” and moments of appeasement. He gives himself this information: this pain can evolve in both directions. This stage of awareness is essential in the management of pain. Sophrology reduces the sensation of pain and thus lower stress overload, which allows the body to recover and regain energy. The sophrological tools do not act on the cause of the pain on the other hand.

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